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Arrow SL50 Staple Lifter/ Remover

Staple remover

The Arrow SL24D Staple Lifter, Easily removes all standard and mini size staples.

Arrow T18 Staples - 10mm White Painted Staples Per 1000

Arrow T18 Staples

Suitable for T18 Telephone Wire Tackers.

Arrow T20 Staples - 1/2

Arrow T20 Staples

Suitable for T2025 Dual Purpose Attacker Staple Guns.

Arrow JT21 Staples - 1/4

Arrow JT21 Staples

Suitable for T21 and T27 Staple Gun Tacker.

Arrow P22 Staples - 5/16

Arrow P22 Staples

Suitable for P22 Plier Type Staplers.

Arrow T25 Staples- 14mm White Painted Staples Per 1000

Arrow T25 Staples

Suitable for T25 Wire Tackers and T2025 Dual Purpose Staple Guns.

Arrow IP - T30 Staples - 1/4

Arrow T30 Staples

Suitable for T30 Staple Guns and HT30 Hammer Tackers.

Arrow P35 Staples - 1/4

Arrow P35 Staples

Suitable for P35 Heavy Duty Plier Staplers.

Arrow T37 Staples - 1/2

Arrow T37 Staples

Suitable for T37 Wire Tackers.

Arrow T50 Staples - 1/4

Arrow T50 Staples

For use with the T50 and T55 Staple Gun Tacker.

Arrow T59 Staples - 6mm x 8mm - Black Stainless Steel - 300per box

Arrow T59 Staples

Suitable for T59 Insulated Staple Wire Tackers.

Arrow IP - HT65 Staples - 3/4

Arrow HT65 Staples

Suitable for HT65 Heavy Duty Hammer Tackers.

Arrow T72 Staples - 12mm x 5mm - Clear Insulated Staple - 300 per box

Arrow T72 Staples

Suitable for T72 Insulated Fastener Wire Tackers.

Arrow T75 Staples - 7/8

Arrow T75 Staples

Suitable for T75 Sheathed Wire Tackers.